Las Vegas Metroplex Environmental

Welcome to the Las Vegas Metroplex (LAS METROPLEX) Environmental Assessment Website

The FAA prepared an Environmental Assessment (EA) in accordance with FAA Order 1050.1F to document the potential environmental effects associated with the proposed optimization of aircraft routes and the supporting airspace management structure serving aircraft operating under instrument flight rules (IFR) while departing from or arriving to the Las Vegas area.

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The Project

The Las Vegas Metroplex Project would improve the efficiency of airspace in the Las Vegas Metroplex area by optimizing aircraft arrival and departure procedures to and from various airports, including but not limited to:

  • McCarran International Airport (LAS)
  • Henderson Executive Airport (HND)
  • North Las Vegas Airport (VGT)

The Project may involve changes in aircraft flight paths and altitudes in certain areas, but would not result in any ground disturbance or increase the number of aircraft operations at any of the above airports.

To evaluate the potential environmental impacts of the Las Vegas Metroplex project, the FAA has establishing the General Study Area, consisting of areas around the above airports. The General Study Area will be used to evaluate the potential environmental impacts resulting from changes in aircraft routing proposed to occur below 10,000 feet above ground level (AGL).

Las Vegas Metroplex

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