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All of the following documents are available for download in PDF format. The Adobe Acrobat Reader may be download here.

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Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) and Record of Decision (ROD) and Agency Concurrence Letters, Public Comment Letters and Responses to Comments, and Environmental Assessment Errata (33.9 MB)

Draft EA Main Document
DC OAPM DEA Full Document (105 MB)                                                                                              Chapter 1 - Background (9.56 MB)
Chapter 2 - Purpose and Need (3.47 MB)
Chapter 3 - Alternatives (13.8 MB)
Chapter 4 - Affected Environment (55 MB)
Chapter 5 - Environmental Consequences (31.4 MB)

Appendix A - Agency Coordination and Public Involvement (9.56 MB)
Appendix B - List of Preparers and Receiving Parties (173 KB)
Appendix C - References (31 KB)
Appendix D - List of Acronyms and Glossary (95 KB)
Appendix E - Basics of Noise (995 KB)
Appendix F - Section 4(f) Resources (943 KB)
Appendix G - Historic and Cultural Resources (363 KB)
Appendix H - Reportable Noise Increases (74 KB)

Technical Reports
DC OAPM Study Team Technical Report (2.9 MB)
DC OAPM Design & Implementation Team Technical Report (6.5 MB)
Average Annual Day Flight Schedules (740 KB)
Aircraft Noise Technical Report (46.2 MB)

The public comment period for the Environmental Assessment closed on July 20, 2013.